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about me

foto (c) Tomáš Rubín

My career path began when I graduated in architecture at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague and materials have fully entered my life. I fell in love with wood, attended several construction courses at the Yestermorrow Design / Build School in Vermont, USA, and then graduated in carpentry at the Zelený pruh Technical College.

I founded my independent architectural practice at the beginning of 2018. In addition to traditional architectural assignments and procedures, I focus on the so-called design-build approach and the inclusion of users in the design process. My work experience in nonconform studio in Vienna has helped me a lot thanks to their focus on the methodology of participation and interdisciplinary collaboration. I do not perceive architecture as a goal, to create a perfect product, but rather as a tool - as a way of creating a relationship between humans and space and among people themselves.

I have won several awards for my work, such as the Rector's Prize TUL in the Young Architect Award 2018 for the Organization of the Competition in Dobročovice, I was also nominated for the Student Award Silver Medal, The RIBA President's Medals.

"Design-build Workshops"

I currently devote myself mainly to developing the methodology of "Design-build workshops," in which I guide participants from the general public through the whole architectural process. We start by naming the problem, continue through designing the solution onto finally constructiong the physical outcome. In these creative collaborations I can fully utilize not only my craftsmanship but also my pedagogical experience, which

I gained during the last years as a teamleader of different construction workshops abroad (e.g. Hellowood in Hungary) and as an assistant professor in the Architecture I Studio of Jan Šépka at UMPRUM.

If you are interested in this approach of creating the environment and you are thinking about collaboration with me, I would be happy to hear from you.

foto (c) Tomáš Rubín




Whether they are of material, digital, temporal, intellectual or other origin,

I try to treat resources consciously and with the picture of contemporary consumer society on my mind.


I am interested in anchoring every component of a building unit into context.

I try to go as far as I can in this situation.

I am interested in how individual parts are made, who participated in their production, at what price (not only in the economic sense), how they can be treated further and what footprint they leave behind.


I am looking for such architectural tools/answers that adequately describe the character of the assignment, client's expectations, uniquesess of the environment. Everything must click together.


I feel deep respect for the time and work of everyone, including myself. Digital obesity and the overworking of the contemporary world alarming, so I highly value other layers of life - even those outside of work.


The joy coming from the things I do and their meaningfulness are my two main life engines.


The outcomes of my work are always to a greater or lesser extent the result of common efforts. It is wonderful to meet other people (or beings in general) with whom I can collaborate, mutually share, enrich and exchange life experiences.


I consciously create space to respond to (seemingly) accidental life encounters with people, places, situations ...


I perceive my work as a never ending educational process. We learn by recognizing ever changing environment, acquiring new tools, we learn from each other.