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Dad's Greenhouse

project:  2018 ​

completion: 2018

The idea of building a greenhouse came to me by chance during my apprenticeship, when my head was full of wooden constructions. I offered it to my father with the idea of building the greenhouse myself. To this day I am grateful that my Dad supported one of my first design-build ideas and I learned a lot from it. The new owner eventually tweaked the little structure to his liking and after a few years even moved it across town with a small crane! The design of the greenhouse is based on the ability to easily bend large polycarbonate panels that are held in place by the outer skeleton. This consists of spruce prisms anchored to an oak base grid.

Architectural design and construction: Alžběta P. Brůhová

Photography: Stanislava Brůhová

Help with construction: Tomáš Edl, Jiří Vinter, Jiří Brůha

Acknowledgements: Ondřej Hofmeister

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