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Benches in Dobročovice

design and completion: 2016

Dobročovice is a small village in Central Bohemia, not far from Prague. As in many other settlements of similar size, public space and neighborhood life are characterized by the significant transformation of the suburban areas of large cities. As part of a participatory collaboration with Dobročovice, I organized a workshop for the collaboratiove production of benches. During the design process, I continuously modified them according to the needs of the residents. It was important for me to show that there is no need to wait for a "top-down" intervention, but that many situations can be solved by a "bottom-up" approach. 


Design and construction: Alžběta P. Brůhová

Help with construction: Klára Brůhová, Stanislava Brůhová, Jiří Vinter, residents of Dobročovice

Photography: Stanislava Brůhová


Acknowledgements: Vít Šimek, Truhlářství Kryštof Kratochvíl

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