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Architectural Design



The basis of my work is the creation of architectural design studies (ADS) with great emphasis on finding a brief that meets your real needs. My heart themes are the public space and the creation of a home. With the ADS I always check the compliance with the zoning and other restrictions of the area (if needed), then I usually pass the documentation to collaborating colleagues with civil engineering expertise for the next project phases. Working with the engineers, we fine-tune the details and then meet during the author's supervision on site inspection days.


After an initial meeting to discuss your brief and our mutual ideas for working together, I will prepare a customized quote for you. The price of an architectural design study is usually in the tens of thousands of CZK (units of thousands of EUR).


Unconventional Assignment


Are you dealing with a specific topic related to space, but classic architectural studies do not meet your needs? Do you need to create an aesthetic manual, a festival decoration, a spatial sketch or something completely different? I'm at home creating a customized approach and coming up with unconventional results. I enjoy working with systems methodologies, creating temporary or site-specific projects, and collaborating across disciplines. I enjoy pushing the boundaries of what architecture can be. 


I'd love to hear from you so we can discuss the details. Depending on the nature of the commission, this can either be in the form of an hourly rate consultation, or I will develop a customized quote.


Creative Therapy



For those of you who want to experience the power of creative change in a space for yourself, while being actively involved in the creative process, I offer the Creative Therapy method. This method, which I am currently piloting, develops the theme of homemaking and draws on the ability of space to strengthen and support our own identity. In our sessions we first look at your individual needs, which we analyze thoroughly. I will then offer tools and exercises (visioning, creating unique rituals) to help you transform the place you live into an inspiring and safe space.

The price of a 60 minute consultation is 1200 CZK including VAT (49 EUR).


About my journey

Working on intersection of architectures, feminisms and spiritualities, my latest mission covers creating places of inspiration and soucring. Interest in new horizons within the architecutral field lead to co-founding platform Architektky (Women in Architecture, *2019), iniciating a survey of Working conditions of young architects (2020) and also coordinating studio Architecture 2|Future Architectures Platform at UMPRUM, Prague.


☛ Lecture within Rethink Architecture evening, CAMP Prague

Interview for podcast Bourání, Radio Wave 

(with Klára Bruhová)

 Interview for podcast FocusOn

 Interview for online magazíne Czechdesign

(with Adéla Vavříková)

 Interview for podcast Po HRstech

 Interview for magazine Material Times

 Interview for podcast Artcafé, Radio Vltava, ČRo

 Interview for podcast Bulvár, A2larm

(with Karin Hoření and Klára Brůhová)

 Interview for podcast Živé mesto, Radio FM, RTVS

(with Adéla Pečlová and others)

 Interview for podcast Akcent, Radio Vltava, ČRo

☛ Manifesto


foto (c) Tomáš Hejzlar

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