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Imaginary Travel Expedition

concept and completion: 2021

I like to explore the boundaries of the field of architecture by connecting it to related fields, such as the fine arts. Has it ever occurred to you that travel can only be a state of mind? And what role does architecture play in that? In collaboration with the PLATO Gallery, we prepared the Imaginary Travel Expedition after the first pandemic of covid-19, the aim of which was to experience for ourselves whether it is possible to feel the sensation of adventurous exploration even in a familiar environment and to look at it with "different eyes." We visited a series of seemingly mundane but powerful sites around the gallery, which we tuned into as a group using meditation techniques and selected texts from Italo Calvino's book Invisible Cities. At regular intervals, the guide entered the scene like a modern-day Sibyl, leading the expedition members through imaginary landscapes of the mind using a wireless laptop connected to the Internet.


Concept: Alžběta P. Brůhová, Dominik Lang

Photography: Magdaléna Michlová

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