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Liberated Space

project:  2023 ​

Completion: 2023

Feminist issues began to permeate my life shortly after I graduated from university. I began to notice the peculiarity of the fact that even though we were half and half man and women students in the studio, the more visible the representation of the field, the fewer women architects there were. To make a long story short, in 2019 I co-founded the Architektky (Women in Architecture) platform, which is dedicated to connecting and supporting women professionals in the field. One of the many outcomes of the topic of women in architecture is the installation in the exhibition Liberated Space: care-architecture-feminism at the Bratislava City Gallery. The installation entitled "How do you imagine a (more) feminist architectural practice?" offers a space for dreams, visions, but also for critical reflection on the conditions in the professional field, which often do not offer adequate conditions for the life trajectories of many women. Thanks to a wide network, 20 unique responses from women architects from 5 countries have been collected. Among the inspirations, we find demands such as "Ban overtime! (for example)" or calls to expand the definition of the field to be "Radically intersectional. Architects, landscape designers and urban planners are no longer enough." For obvious reasons, the issue of precarious work and reconciliation is also represented: "The possibility of employee status - before children" or the vision of decent work in general: "I imagine working for a decent wage, where, for example, sick leave, maternity leave or pension also count".


Concept and construction: Alžběta P. Brůhová


Graphic design: Alina Matějová

Curators: Petra Hlaváčková, Nicole Sabella


Photography: Barbora Girmanová (indoor), Alex Timpau (outdoor)

Respondents: B. B., Bianca Beadling, K. B., Marie Davidová, Kateřina Eklová, Eva Franch i Gilabert,
Barbora Grísová, Anna Hájková, Rozálie Kašparová, Karolína Kopecká, Terezie Lokšová,
Eliška Mrhálková, Barbara Nawrocka, Alžběta P. Brůhová, Doris R., Darcy Rathjen,
Bára Šafář, Coral Sayer, Viktorie Sen, Zuzana Tabačková 

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