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Pass It On!

project:  2020 ​

completion: 2020

My alma mater, the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, has a long tradition of organizing biennial exhibitions of its students, graduates and alumnae. In 2019, for the first time, it stepped out of the Prague context and, in collaboration with the Západočeská Gallery in Pilsen, organized an exhibition titled Pass It On! Aspects of Collaboration in the Work of UMPRUM Students. Together with the curatorial team, we decided to move away from the "best of" selection of individual works and to frame the works around the theme of collaboration. Firstly, to create an atmosphere of intertwined connections, where the exhibits interfere with each other (works with similar themes are placed close to each other, while visitors can create their own interpretive maps). Second, as a theme of collaboration and resource consciousness, to use available materials that will return to their life cycle without degradation after the exhibition ends. Therefore, I chose to use building and other materials (gabion nets, plastering net, concrete tiles, magnets) that were reclaimed by the suppliers after the exhibition.


Architectural design: Alžběta P. Brůhová

Curatorial team: Darina Zavadilová, Klára Peloušková, Vojtěch Märc, Markéta Vinglerová, Martin Vaněk, Alžběta P. Brůhová


Construction: Extended Production, s. r. o.


Graphic design: Josefína Karlíková


Photography: Ondřej Přibyl

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