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Snake Meets Zebra

project:  2018 ​

completion: 2023

Architecture is often a long-distance race, and I always ask myself in the back of my mind if I will still be in line with the "old" approach when the design is finished. The square in front of the elementary art school in Pečky is my first realized design for a public space, where 5 long years have passed since the first sketches. Looking back on the project at this point, it seems to me that it has matured into something that I just intuitively navigated. I see the contribution of the visual artist Adela Součková as crucial, whose motif has moved the architecture away from a utilitarian modernist/stylistic box and allows the user to wander imaginatively. For me, the mini-theater/cinema approach works as I imagined it would (we'll see how life continues to test it). From my perspective, there has been an incredible human synergy between the city folks, the civil engineer, and the contractor over the years. Going to the inspection days was truly a joy for me! For myself, I continue to take away that I want to work with people who are on the same wavelength, both on the client side and the collaborating professions, that I want to continue to develop my work with color and imagination, and that I want to bring as much playfulness, joy and lightness into my designs as possible.

Architectural design: Alžběta P. Brůhová


Author of art motif: Adéla Součková


Civil engineer: Jakub Douděra


Photography: Alexandra Timpau


Acknowledgements: Věra Růžičková, Alena Švejnohová, Marek Šemík, Petra Vorlíčková, Jan Drška, Tomáš Kuneš

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