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The Biggest Vaulting Box

project:  2019 ​

Completion: 2019

We ended the 2019 building season in style with the Košice neighborhood community Poď na dvor (Come to the Yard). In this yard, we worked together over the weekend to build a backdrop for outdoor activities. It's a simple cone-shaped wooden building that arouses curiosity because you can't see what is inside and you can't see the entrance at first glance. But if you make it, the building can be modified and a side wall can be folded down into the courtyard. The play box opens up, creating a stage for theatrical or musical performances, resting or other activities. The cooperation has created situations and solutions that one person could never invent or experience alone. The Košice co-building was pure joy. Everyone participated as best they could. Someone drilled, someone cut, someone organized a debate about the final shape of the roof and tried to bring it to a consensus, someone took care of the builders' drinking regime, someone barbecued, someone already baked at home and brought it to everyone, someone just walked around and talked and then put their hand to the work, someone next door started a parallel workshop of furniture making, and children played around and built bunkers out of boxes. It's all a matter of mutual trust and the desire to create together. Thank you for the opportunity and the warm welcome.

Architectural design: Alžběta P. Brůhová, Viktória Mravčáková


Construction: Alžběta P. Brůhová, Michal Pončák


Realization team: Iva Skoumalová. Zuzana Jarošová, Monika Timková, Igor Kupec, Juraj Čokyna and other members of the Poď na dvor community


Photography: Iva Skoumalová, Igor Kupec


Graphic design of postcards: Igor Kupec

Video: Igor Kupec

"We worked with Alžběta on the project of a multifunctional building (little house) for the Poď na dvor community in Košice. With her friendly, non-directive and listening approach, she became one of us for a few days and working together was a pleasure for us. In addition to the house, which still stands in our yard, we have very fond memories of the whole building process. We appreciate the professional and at the same time human approach during the consultation of the design of the object and also during the actual implementation".


Iva Skoumalová, founder of the Poď na dvor community

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