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Mallorca in Krkonoše

project:  2022 ​

The architectural design study of a new building in the Krkonoše accompanied me for more than a year. Where it came from, a great woman and her family came into my life, they gave me an enormous amount of trust, time and space. So we started with me visiting them across Europe to where they live. And I unlearned. I unlearned to cling to consistent architectural concepts, to stress about handoffs - there was always a way to make arrangements and there was no rush to get anywhere. We weren't taking advantage of each other. I unlearned to be my own harshest critic and a perpetually dissatisfied creator. And with each unlearning comes more learning. By my clients giving me the trust, time and space, I was able to give myself the same. I'm learning to respect my limits and humbly defer to other professionals and experts. I'm learning to marvel at the nooks and crannies and details I've created in a home that is still virtual, but already very real in my mind and body. And I'm learning to take great pleasure in the fact that I've created with my clients a design of a home that is in some ways normal, but in other ways reflects something completely unique.

Architectural design: Alžběta P. Brůhová

"Working with Alžběta was wonderfully fluid and non-violent, very organic and feminine for me. My husband and I both appreciated her sensitive listening and perception of the small details that she then effortlessly translated into the project of our home. We and our home were greatly enriched by her unconventional and holistic view of the project. Our sons (7&10) were thrilled that she listened to them and created meaningful spaces for their needs as well. Light, fluid, non-violent creation. Thank you 🙏🏼"


Jaja Leemann

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