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Truth x Care

project:  2021 ​

completion: 2021

Making the city more welcoming for different groups of people is an idea that has often been discussed in recent years. For the VI PER Gallery we have prepared an exhibition focusing on the life of small children and their parents in Prague. How do they get around and where do they go? Where do they feel comfortable and where not? Is the city for everyone? In order to answer these questions, we created a questionnaire for parents who often move with their children in Prague's public spaces. 236 parents of preschool children answered our call. The themes that emerged from the survey were developed in an interdisciplinary collective. The exhibition is our analysis, but also a materialized commentary on the theme of space for all. It is possible to walk or run freely through the exhibition, to be guided by the game, but you can also just relax or play. If you need to change your baby's diper, feed them, prepare milk or heat up a snack, the exhibition space offers you facilities. The exhibition "Truth x Care: How do children and parents live in Prague?" brings the idea of a city more open to all to life for several weeks at the gallery's training ground.


Authors of the exhibition: Alžběta P. Brůhová, Klára Brůhová, Karina Hoření, Adéla Pečlová


Graphic design and illustrations: Jakub Plachý


Photography: Peter Fabo

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